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    How we print our DTG Future Past designs

    This brief video shows one of the methods we use to ensure you get the highest possible print quality for any clothing you buy from us, this was filmed in our factory being printed for an order being sent out that day.

    We recently invested in a second DTG (Direct To Garment) printer, the latest model, due to the demand of orders we have and it's improved printing time.  DTG is capable of the highest resolution full colour images that are just not possible with some of the more traditional methods. 

    This is a monochrome design on the video so doesn't really show what this machine is capable of colour wise, but shows the process from start to finish.

    If you like this design, it's available in our store here. Anyway, get your popcorn ready and prepare for the cinematic experience of the century...

    Future Past - Printing by DTG from Dean Foster on Vimeo.

    The featured image shows how good a multi coloured image can look. This is a special tee we've just printed from an enquiry we had from a modular synthesiser user who wanted his actual modular rack printing from his modular grid account, and simply by zooming out in his browser and taking a screenshot on the site we could print the image in high resolution and full colour.





    Modular Grid synth screenshot printed onto a t shirt

    If you'd love your rack printing the same get in touch, some of you may have to zoom out on the modular grid site even farther than others depending how much gear you have...

    This may be something we actually list on the website if we have enough demand.  I quite like the idea, as all of us (like myself) who use modular gear are usually forever adding and replacing and building their system, so hopefully they'll buy more tees to keep their modular tee up to date too :o)

    PS I wrote the music on the Moog Modular app on an iPad's not going to win any awards, and I don't think Aphex Twin is getting worried, but I've always been a sucker for melodic synth arpeggios and seems to suit the design and video. It's quite calming I think.

    Sad news about Robert Miles.

    Sad news about Robert Miles.

    Very sad to hear that Robert Miles has died, even though "Children" got played to death it's an amazing song, so simple but nobody can deny it's not uplifting - I was in many of the top clubs of the time like Cream etc and it always used to take the roof off.

    Unfortunately trance music just got worse and worse after that and somehow has morphed into this hideous EDM scene.. Funny how trance was transient (geddit??), yet house and techno has armies of dedicated followers for life - they just never properly commercialised house and definitely not techno. This is good news for me, let's keep it underground, that's where you'll find the quality.  Though I never thought I'd hear Paris Hilton drop Flash by Green Velvet, I thought there was more chance of magical carpet that could take me back to 1996  and clubs like Ministry Of Sounds, Cream, Wobble, Passion, Emporium and also ibiza.  That would be a fun little jaunt..

    Anyway, back to Robert Miles after that little rant. Iconic DJ Danny Rampling who was one the protagonists of the acid house scene in the UK - with a little club called Shoom... He was interviewed about Robert Miles and he's wearing our melted disco ball design and loves it (we assume, as he bought it this week and wore it for an interview).

    See Danny's interview halfway down the page, you can see the disco ball print quite clearly.

    Modular grid print example

    Modular grid print example