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    Jon Pleased Wimmin - 10 Dance Tracks He Loves

    Jon Pleased Wimmin - 10 Dance Tracks He Loves

    Another Future Past Exclusive - we're honoured that the legendary and fabulously glamorous and talented DJ Jon Pleased Wimmin has put together this playlist of dance tracks he loves for us.

    Passion for music is what we're all about, this is why we ask DJ's and artists we respect like Jon to reveal what music that connects with their heart, as this love is a love that dare speak it's name.

    These aren't necessarily his favourite 10 ever tracks, as he said that's impossible to choose. This is how Jon has described this mix:

    "Not in any order and not my favourite (which everybody seems to be obsessed with these days). Just 10 dance tracks that I love (and still do) from my youth up until now... hope you like. Jon"

    We may possibly be doing a blog interview with Jon soon, but until then he's curated this fantastic mix of tunes - some of which I'd never heard before and now adore myself and think you might too. This is no lazy selection of tunes.

    So play below to hear some of the all time musical passions of Jon Pleased Wimmin, this is an amazing selection of music - and not all the same old classics that usually get mentioned. Track list below the youtube playlist: 


    Full tracklist:

    Pete Shelley – Witness The Change (Dub)

    Soft Cell – Memorabilia (Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version)

    Imagination – Burnin’ Up

    Pet Shop Boys – In The Night (Arthur Baker Remix)

    Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

    Whyte – Promises (Fabi Paras Remix)

    DSK – What Would We Do (Junior Boys Own Eight Minutes of Madness Mix)

    Underworld – Cups (Salt City Orchestra Remix)

    Roisin Murphy – In Sintesi (Psychemagik Remix)

    Italoconnection – Voyage (Club Mix)

    Follow Jon on FB etc, as you'd expect he's anything but boring and well worth following. Links below.


    Mark Archer (Altern-8) - 10 Of His Favourite Techno Tracks

    Mark Archer (Altern-8) - 10 Of His Favourite Techno Tracks

    Here's a treat for the techno fans, this is 10 of the favourite ever techno tracks of the legendary man behind the mask.. Mark Archer from Altern-8. He's mostly chosen more melodic tracks for this playlist.

    Put together exclusively for Future Past followers, we thank Mark and know you'll enjoy!

    Read more about his incredible career in his biography in his book “The Man Behind The Mask”.


    Also, check out Mark’s website to find out more at www.markarcher.co.uk

    Exclusive Mix: The tracks that inspired house music, by Dean Cavanagh

    Exclusive Mix: The tracks that inspired house music, by Dean Cavanagh

    This is a real treat, an exclusive mix that Dean Cavanagh has done for us, these are songs that inspired the creation of house music.

    So who is Dean?

    Dean Cavanagh is the screenwriting partner of Irvine "Trainspotting" Welsh and has worked with him since the 90's. Prior to this Dean co-founded the club culture magazine "The Herb Garden" and wrote about dance music for The Face, i-D, NME and The Melody Maker.

    In the early 80's Dean was involved in the soul scene and promoted Northern Soul club nights in West Yorkshire. In the late 80's he started promoting house nights and this culminated in him creating the highly influential Soundclash nights in Leeds with Andrew Weatherall.

    This new mix is curated exclusively for you, our Future Past followers. You can find Dean on twitter here.

    Exclusive: Mark Archer Interview (Altern-8)

    Exclusive: Mark Archer Interview (Altern-8)
    Future Past Interview Legendary Icon Mark Archer, from Altern-8 and Nexus 21. Fascinating stories behind the success of Altern-8 and many other classic dance tracks, Mark reveals all about how it happened and felt to achieve such phenomenal success.

    Read more

    Dave Little Interview: The Man Behind Some Of The Most Seminal Artwork In Dance Music

    Dave Little Interview: The Man Behind Some Of The Most Seminal Artwork In Dance Music
    So, Dave Little, where do we start. He truly is an immense talent, a purveyor of incredible arresting and innovative art. He’s a designer and artist who has worked for 3 decades in an array of media, from music to fashion as well as advertising and fine art. He reveals all behind his famous designs in this interview.

    Read more

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