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    DJ Chris Coco's Acid Desert Island Discs


    This time out we've got the pleasure of a selection curated by Chris Coco: DJ, journalist, radio broadcaster and more. From a career that started at the onset of the Acid House explosion, taking in a high profile BBC Radio 1 show, a stint editing the ubiquitous DJ Magazine, and many a Balearic sunset gig, we just knew this would be good. He didn't disappoint.....

    Luca Averna Chris Coco - Mare

    For me this is the epitome of modern Balearic, itʼs an Italian / British / Irish collaboration, made in Ibiza, so properly European; you can chill to it or dance to it; it sounds old and new at the same time.


    A Man Called Adam - Estelle

    A classic from way back in the day that still sounds fresh, this one will always remind me of the sunset maestro, Jose Padilla, and the first time I heard him playing at Cafe Del Mar.


    Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

    I have to have a dub track in here, for me this is the sound of freedom. When I first discovered the sound as a teenager it was some sort of mind expanding revelation. It sounds daft, but it was a life changing experience.


    Phuture - Acid Tracks

    Another explosive life changing listening experience occurred the first time I heard this in a record shop in Brixton. Itʼs still a monster today. Close your eyes and breath in the smoke from the smoke machine.


    Kraftwerk - Europe Endless

    Trains, electronic music, cafes, restaurants, cathedrals, majestic rivers snaking through mysterious cities, twilight, meeting someone to fall in love with, the magic of our continent in summer time, I can feel it now.


    Brian Eno - Music For Airports 1/1

    This is music as process, music as art. Itʼs something to drift away to. Itʼs a trip, a very, slow dreamy trip down a sleepy river. Eno is a hero of course, for his work with Byrne, Bowie and a stack of others but his ambient work is peerless.


    New Order - Everythingʼs Gone Green

    A heady mix of electronica, dub and a slice of youthful angst all come together in this early tune from New Order. You can dance to it, or just sit in your bedroom and look miserable, itʼs up to you.


    Diana Ross - Itʼs My House

    This is a perfect song, itʼs a joy to listen to, and the chorus lifts you up to the emotional stratosphere. Itʼs built for love, love, love.


    We'd like to thank Chris for his brilliant selections. We'll see you on the island next time!

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    Colin Dale's Acid Desert Island Discs

    Colin Dale's Acid Desert Island Discs

    We have a really exclusive treat for you here, the concept is the same as the BBC Desert Islands Discs - you have to choose 8 songs that you would take if they were the last you would hear again, as you're stranded on an island. But our island is an Acid Desert Island Disco and it's much more fun!

    This time out we've had the pleasure of bending the ear of DJ/producer Colin Dale. Colin's own long-running music career speaks for itself- from early forays into London's club scene leading to the genesis of classic pirate radio Kiss FM, bringing techno to the masses with his influential Abstrakt Dance show, to remix work, artist and label management, playing regular live sets....he must be knackered!

    Always known for his eclectic and forward-thinking approach, we expected a special mix of tunes and Colin hasn't disappointed. To a true kingpin of UK underground music: we salute you sir...

    There's a wealth of emotion behind these choices, as Colin takes us on a journey from his youth up to the present day, each song a poignant touchstone of a time and a place. Enjoy...


    1. Fingers Inc. – Distant Planet (Another Side LP)

    I remember I was working at a specialist House music shop ‘Mi Price’ records in Croydon when this hit, and it was an album that touched me for its sheer brilliance. We’d been getting house, techno and acid tracks from about 1985 on 12” singles but this was one of the first albums that made me feel there was some kind of longevity in regards to the scene. Every track is an absolute killer and playable from beginning to end. ‘Distant Planet’ is my fave track on the album. Sheer mastery!


     2. Thundercat – Show You The Way

    One of my recent tracks that I not only love the audio but the video is fantastic as well. One of those tracks I’ll play when I’m feeling down and instantly uplifted. Probably quite a fitting track to feature as a desert island disc because I never tire of hearing it. I’m a huge fan of Thundercat and he’s a fantastic musician.


    3. OC Smith - Together

    This one quite simply reminds me of both my mum and dad who are both sadly passed away now. This was a UK minor hit in 1977 and I bought the album aged 14, as they were playing it a lot on Capital Radio London who were huge at the time. I remember finding the album cheap in Brixton market and playing it to my parents who loved it. I’ll always remember us sitting there listening to it……memory is imprinted in my brain.


    4. Squeeze - Tempted

    This is one of those tracks that transports me back to a fresh faced 18 year old soul boy. I was listening to a lot of soul, funk and jazz around this period but there something about this blue-eyed soul track that makes me feel emotional. The pull is so strong that I’ve been to see them live and whenever I hear the track it gets stuck in my head to the point I wake up hearing it. Paul Carrack’s vocals and Chris Difford’s lyrical mastery is magical.


    5. Aquarian Dream – Look Ahead

    This totally brings back great memories of my Jazz Funk / Boogie days when I was really into dancing as much as spinning music. The album was first released in 1976 but I probably bought it about 1982 and was checking out clubs like Gossips, Upstairs at Ronnie Scotts, Cat’s Whiskers in Streatham, Kisses, Cinderella’s, OBJ’s and Scarlettes. Brings back great memories of clubbing with DJ Fabio as we were clubbing buddies back in the day.

     If the video doesn't work, follow the link!


    6. Jamie Principle/Frankie Knuckles – Waiting On My Angel

    There’s something dreamlike and ethereal about this track which is magical. Jamie Principle’s vocal is full of want and yearning and the music is pure house genius. Tracks like this are the real roots of house music, with the original released back in 1985 on ‘Persona Records’ and it captures the sound of clubs like Paradise Garage. Part of my musical D.N.A……


    7. D'Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah – Till It’s Done (Tutu)

    Music can be a great healer & helper sometimes and this track is very personal to me. When my mother passed away new years eve 2014 the D'Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah album and this track in particular was on constant rotation. The title of the track ‘Till it’s done’ kinda says it all really……a really tough time during the funeral and onwards but I kept thinking no stopping till it’s done. An excellent track and I love the break at 3.18 mins………it’s like resolution and everything is done. Still make me emotional to this day when I hear it.


    If the video doesn't work, follow the link!


    8. Reggae Regulars – Black Star Liner

    With Reggae being such a big part of my youth, especially when very young, I had to feature a Reggae track in my list of ‘Desert Island’ tracks. I didn’t buy much Reggae as my father was well up to speed with releases, but I remember buying this around 1978. I remember playing it so much I nearly wore it out and I spent many hours in front of the mirror with some drumsticks playing invisible drums to it. From an age where Reggae music had a lot of conscious vibes and positive messages.


    Well, that's it for Colin's trip down a musical memory lane... we hope you enjoyed them as much as us, and found something new in there. Many thanks again to Colin for his sublime cuts.

    From the FPC Acid Punks, until next time...peace xxx


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